Why use Managed Services for IT?

What are managed services, and why are we qualified to talk about them?

To begin, it might help to tell you exactly what N and T does. At the heart of it, we perform two major functions:

IT TRANSFORMATION: We transform business IT environments from being inefficient, costly, unstable, and above all frustrating, to be the opposite. We take your nightmare, and we make it a dream. We take your donkey, and we make it a unicorn. We take your Hunchback of Notre-Dame and make him Chuck Norris. We actually get a real buzz out of blowing customers away by giving them IT environments that they didn’t think were possible, catering to exactly what they require in their particular scenario.

N and T TECH MANAGED SERVICES: This is really where we pride ourselves, and it’s a lot more substantial than just saying “your IT was broken, and now it’s fixed”. You see, we KEEP IT FIXED.
As a Managed Services Provider (MSP) we see our N&T Managed Services as the full time, day-to-day maintenance of an IT environment to make sure that it’s constantly being watched and tweaked, to keep it healthy. After all, there’s no use upgrading if two months down the track it’s back to its frustrating former self, is it?

To expand on the concept of Managed Services a little more…

Picture a hospital without those machines that beep if a patient’s heart stops…by the time a nurse does the rounds, they are going to be way too late to save the patient if their heart happened to stop 2 hours before. Well, think of Managed Services as the beeping machine, the drip, the oxygen machine and all the other paraphernalia that keep the patient alive and monitor their health. It’s also the call button next to the bed for when the patient wants a nurse to help or answer any of their questions.

Without Managed Services, you are really relying on the nurse to see if you’re still breathing whenever they remember to do their rounds, and then inevitably the defibrillator for when they find your heart has stopped.

Here is a real-world example: In the last 2 months, N and T Tech has received around 15 support calls for computers infected with viruses that have resulted in the computers needing to be rebuilt. Too late to help them, and (if it wasn’t for some IT magic), very close to having data lost. The biggest issue we see companies struggle with here is the time lost by having their computer out of action.

However, compare this with N and T Tech computer fleet under Managed services. At the time of writing, only 1 of the virus cases mentioned above was for a customer who had their computer built with N and T Tech standard Windows build and subscribes to our managed services. The reason for this is that we are constantly maintaining the computers under our management, and keeping them healthy and secure. In case you’re wondering, we have around 400 computers under management, so that’s a lot of computers that run smoothly without their owners having to worry.

So now you know what it is, let me tell you why you might need it…

With all the above points, the ultimate by-product of having Managed IT Services, is money. This is certainly seen in two ways regardless of the size of the company. and then also a third if a company is of a certain size:

INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY BY DECREASED DOWN-TIME. Whenever weighing up Managed Services, the opportunity cost of NOT having a Managed Service needs to be considered. IT environments that are proactively managed have fewer issues and are more productive. The real cost of this differs industry-to-industry, but can be answered fairly easily nonetheless by answering this simple question: “how much would it cost me per hour and per day to be out of action?” Only you would know the answer to this in your business, but it’s worth thinking about.

PREDICTABLE, ‘OPEX’ SPENDING. One thing that our customers love when under a Managed Service, is that there are no surprises. They know what it costs them per-employee per-month to have their IT looked after, and this can be factored into budgeting and hiring forecasts accordingly. The idea is to spend a little every month in order to be managed and operational and to avoid having to spend a lot at a time when your systems are down and you’re over a barrel with no real choice.

IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH EMPLOYEES, THEN YOU NEED Fewer EMPLOYEES. I’m not trying to confuse you, so hear me out. If your company is of a size that could warrant internal IT resources, then what I’m saying is that you don’t need them. This is the sweet spot of Managed Services, because in order to get something close to an equivalent service in-house, then you really need MULTIPLE employees in order to cover for sick days, holidays, and busy days. The figures in this scenario are very compelling because you get a full time IT department without the HR and on-costs. And when putting the price of Managed Services up against the cost of 2 competent IT engineers… Managed Services wins every time.

 How do i choose a managed service provider?

Here is a brief sample of what is included in our Managed Services offering (this list may differ from other MSP’s):

  • Microsoft patch management
  • Adobe Flash patch management
  • Java patch management
  • Hard disk maintenance
  • Antivirus and anti-malware management
  • Network management
  • Printer management
  • Vendor management (dealing with the hardware/software vendors)
  • New user provision
  • Old user removal
  • Email management
  • Spam management
  • Helpdesk for phone and remote support
  • On-demand audits
  • License management
  • Hardware and software for power protection, networking and backups are also included in some plans

Our Managed Service plans were created to create a supported and managed environment for our customers, and are based on our enterprise background of what businesses require regardless of size. But above all, it’s a SERVICE and not a list of exclusions of what we won’t do.

One thing you need to do when comparing Managed Service Providers is to be able to see the woods for the trees. By this I mean the services need to be right for your business, and you shouldn’t be swayed by things that aren’t. We routinely see examples of Managed Service Providers trying to bamboozle prospective clients with enormous lists of what they do… when only a quarter of the list applies to the majority of businesses. For example, whilst it may look impressive to have a list of supported operating systems ranging from Linux to Windows 7 to Windows 10 and everything in between… what benefit is that to you when you have all Windows 7 and some Macs? Make an effort to really inspect the services and commitments of a potential Managed Service Provider, and don’t be confused into something that has 10 pages of inclusions… but doesn’t cover what you expect from a service perspective.

In conclusion

Well, hopefully, that was almost as exciting as the bit in a movie when the superhero’s mask is ripped off and you see their true identity! Not quite? Ok, it’s a stretch.

But, I do hope that it cleared up the mystery that is ‘Managed Services,’ and showed you some of the real world benefits of subscribing to them. If you’d like to chat about any of this or are interested in seeing how our Managed Services can help your business, then please feel free to give us a Call 0870943831

What does N and T Tech MS Offer?

  • Access to N and T Technology Helpdesk for Users and Managers
  • Access to Asset tracking and Network Monitor Portal for Managers
  • Comprehensive asset management built-in
  • Managed Antivirus at lower cost and per device instead of 5 users license packs
  • Backup of information on all workstations
  • Remote support for users when needed.
  • Ability to complete Proactive Maintenance on schedule.
  • Hosted exchange email included for each machine

Service Level Agreement with initial response time for remote support of no more than 1 hour.

It is the complete IT management package