Bridging the Technology Gap

The technology gap is the divergence between nations and communities in their abilities to access, diffuse and use scientific and technical knowledge.

The current issue: It is one of the main causes of the rapidly expanding socio-economic gap between rich and poor nations, and constitutes a major challenge for developing countries in their efforts to achieve the development goals. Recent findings indicate that almost 60 per cent of the differences in income levels between sub-Saharan African (SSA) and the industrialized countries are caused by the differences in the availability of education, technological advancements and scientific developments. So to put it simply, the more technologically advanced a country is, the higher the average incomes tend to be. Similarly, they differ in the appreciation of the importance of science and technology for development; in capabilities to provide S&T (science and technology) advice to countries at the international level and to implement the results of technological negotiations at the national level. The digital divide is far more than a gap in access to ICT, however. It is a major hindrance to the social and economic development of poor nations.


Enock Nkomo

CEO N and T Technology