About N and T Technology

N and T Technology (Pty) Ltd is an IT company that offers IT solutions and managed services.  With today’s evolving technology environments we design, manage and optimize the best solution for your business. So you can save cost but most importantly to enable your business to keep up with the digital times.

Founded in 2014, we proud ourselves in partnering with key stakeholders in the industry partners like SAP, Microsoft, Dell, PPS Africa, Pinnacle etc. To offer diverse services and the best products. Our company is formed on integrity and love for what we do, you cannot find any company as passionate and dedicated to bridging the technological divide in Africa.

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Mission Statement

  • To provide the fastest service available to our clients at an affordable cost
  • To generate satisfaction
  • To be innovative
  • To bridge the technological gap

Vision Statement

The digital divide is a phenomenon linked not only to the topic of access to the Internet but also to the one of usage and usage benefit. According to research Africa remains digitally divided from the rest of the world, so our mission and vision are to bridge the technological gap in Africa.